Website Contract

THIS AGREEMENT is made and entered into as ____/___/2018 (“Effective Date”), by and between Gabak LLC, (“the Disclosing Party”) and ____________________, (“the Recipient”) (collectively, “the Parties”).


Purpose for Disclosure: Website creation, marketing online.
The Parties hereby agree as follows:


Article 1

Storing and sharing content for the website (Text, Pictures), Gabak LLC, will create an online  document for the customer using Google docs. Customer needs to provide a Gmail e-mail in order to create a shared document, where Gabak and the customer will use to put all the information needed for the website. In case of audio or video format content it should be shared via Dropbox or any other similar service, leaving the links in the Google Document to retrieve at any moment to be added in the website.

Article 2

Modifications and any other changes: every request must be done through the ticket system, that way we follow up of every detail

Article 3

In order to start we need %50 of the money in advance and the rest after the job is done. Payment can be done via Paypal, Credit/Debit card, BTC, Cash APP, Cash, ZELLE or Checks. Down Payment can be done here in this site or for other method of payments call us.

Article 4

Website package, after all hours has been used in the package chosen by the customer, the customer will have to buy a package with extra hours to complete the project.

Article 5

Customer should provide all the content for the website (exception if the customer pay for content creation), everything should be legal and the customer should be the author or a permission in writing, of everything that needs to be use in the website or business cards, shirts, mug, or any other way of merchandising in order to avoid copyright infringement.

Article 6

Deadline to finish the project, most websites can be completed within 30 to 60 days.

The customer must deliver all the content needed in order to complete the website within the 30 days from the day the down payment was sent. Failure of delivering all the content needed to work on the website, there will a penalty fee of $5 daily.

Article 7

Bugs and improvements will be add in the ticket system

Article 8

Access to the website like Cpanel, Wordpress and anything thing requiered to work in the website everything need to be written in an Excel document in Google Drive, that is going to be shared only between Gabak LLC and the customer.

Article 9

Domain purchase, any domain that is needed in order to start the project it will be $50 for 3 years and it will have to be renew in order to keep the website working.

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Signed by Gabriel Barrandeguy
Signed On: March 14, 2019

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